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The Huck Model 913H Powerig® is a portable, gasoline powered, hydraulic power source designed to operate all Huck Hydraulic Installation Equipment, in an environment where an air or electric power source is not available. This POWERIG® Hydraulic Unit includes a roll cage for protection, and to facilitate moving the unit to various work stations. The unit weighs approximately 175 pounds (78.7 kg) when filled with hydraulic fluid.


Width: 21 inches 547 mm
Length: 24 inches 629 mm
Height : 27 inches 699 mm
Weight: (without Hydraulic fluid) 122 pounds 54.7 kg
Reservoir Capacity: 5 gallons .02m3
Power Source: Honda 5.5hp, 4 cycle, single cylinder air- cooled gasoline engine - point condenser ignition with 3 amp charging coil.
Output Pressure: PULL 5800 psi (40000 kPa) Max 8400psi RETURN 2800 psi (19300 kPa )Max 6000 psi