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The new Huck® B4600 Battery-Powered Tool combines light weight and ease of use with pulling-force performance you would expect from a much larger, heavier tool. Able to use Huck nose assemblies*, the B4600 was developed to reliably install Huck blind fasteners and Magna-Grips®.

Capacity: all Huck® blind rivets 3/16” and 1/4” (excluding BOM); also installls 3/16” Magna-Grip HuckBolts®

Stroke length: 0.975" (24.52mm)

Pulling force: 4,500 lbs (20.0 kN)

Weight (with battery): 4.5 lbs (2 kg)

Pintail bottle capacity: 100 pins

Recharge time: 36 minutes

The lightweight, high-performance B4600 Battery-Powered Tool will add to the efficiency and productivity of any installation operation.

*Standard Huck nose assemblies can be utilized with the B4600, as long as the included extension is not used. To purchase nose assemblies that are designed for use with the B4600 tool only, a suffix “L” should be added to the nose assembly product number. Eg. 99-3305L.


B4600 Tool Flyer