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Secure Installation Diagram

Huck Magna-Grip Secure Installation Diagram


  1. Flush-breaking, lock-groove design provides a wide grip range to reduce inventory requirements
  2. Collar material swaged into the annular bolt grooves forms a permanent, vibration-proof connection that promotes increased customer satisfaction and reduced warranty claims
  3. Hole preparation isn’t critical. Built-in system values yield high, consistent clamp loads, and gap removal

Installation Sequence

Huck Magna-Grip Installation Sequence

  1. The fastener bolt is inserted through a prepared hole. The precision collar is placed over the other end.
  2. The Huck installation tool is applied and engages the bolt. When the tool is activated, it pulls the bolt in a straight line while pushing down on the collar.
  3. The tool moves forward over the collar, molding the collar material into the grooves of the bolt. This process, called “swaging,” causes a precise stretching of the bolt and collar, developing the fastener’s clamping force.
  4. When swaging is complete, the pintail is automatically tensioned off, flush with the end of the collar. The tool then pushes off from the collar. The result is a permanent, mechanically locked fastener.