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Increased Life

Because the Huck 360® was designed with shallow, low-notch factor bolt threads (the grooves aren’t rolled as deep as a conventional bolt), the effective area of the fastener itself is widened by as much as 20%, increasing tensile and fatigue strength. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) reveals in the illustration below that the shallow thread form of the Huck 360 results in 27% less axial stress in the root than conventional bolt threads. In fact, the Huck 360 thread delivers 5 times the fatigue life of a standard thread bolt.

Speed Comparison

Huck 360 installs 300% faster than conventional nuts and bolts.  A free-running nut design means no initial interference between the Huck 360 nut and bolt threads, as with prevailing torque nuts.  Notice how quickly the Huck 360 installs in this video speed comparison.

Magna-Lok Installation Video

Watch the Huck 360® Speed Comparison Video

The Difference is in the Design

Huck 360® stays tight under severe vibration loading by eliminating the gap around the crest of the bolt. When tightened, Huck 360 fills this gap, which prevents transverse motion between the 360 nut and bolt, keeping the assembly in place.