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Secure Installation Diagram

Huck-Spin Secure Installation Diagram

  1. Flanged collar and head spread load to ensure structural integrity
  2. Pin protrusion allows easy removal with Spincutter™ system
  3. High fatigue thread form extends the life of your structure
  4. Corrosion resistant coatings can be painted
  5. Excellent gap pull-out and high retained clamp

Installation Sequence

Huck-Spin Installation Sequence

  1. The pin is inserted into the prepared hole while the collar is threaded onto the pin by hand.
  2. The installation tool spins onto the threaded pin, clamping the work together tightly.
  3. The tool simultaneously pulls up on the pin while pushing down the collar, pressing or swaging the collar material into the threads of the fastener for a secure, permanent joint.
  4. The tool spins off, completing the installation in about half the time required for an ordinary torqued fastener.