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Secure Installation Diagram

Huck C6L Secure Installation Diagram

  1. Wide bearing collar and head spread load to ensure structural integrity
  2. Corrosion resistant coatings can be painted
  3. Excellent gap pull-out and high retained clamp
  4. High fatigue annular lockgroove form extends the life of your structure

Installation Sequence

Huck C6L Installation Sequence


  1. The bolt is inserted into the prepared hole and the smooth bore collar is placed on the bolt.
  2. The installation tool is applied to the pintail. When the tool is activated, the jaws in the nose assembly pull on the pintail and the nose anvil pushes on the collar to remove any gap.
  3. The nose anvil starts to swage the collar into the lockgrooves on the bolt. Continued swaging causes the collar to lengthen and develop clamp.
  4. When swaging of the collar into the lockgrooves is complete, the pintail separates from the bolt which completes the installation cycle.

Watch the C6L installation sequence video

Watch the C6L installation sequence