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DIBt Certification

It’s Official: Huck BobTail® Offers
Maintenance-Free Joints

After lengthy and vigorous independent testing, the Huck BobTail® 12,14,16, 20mm and 1inch diameters have earned the prestigious Allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassungen (German national technical approval) from the world renowned DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) for use in both static and dynamic applications in civil engineering.

pdf DIBt Brochure

New BobTail® Tooling

New Models. New Benefits.
Now, the new BobTail® Tooling System is even better with the introduction of new tools designed to deliver even easier, more efficient fastener installation. Each of the new BobTail installation tools helps deliver Arconic's famous level of vibration resistance for long-term performance and reliability. And each represents a true revolution in fastener installation technology.

The New Advantages
The new BobTail® Tooling models offer all the benefits of previous legacy tools, but with a variety of new features that add to the ease of use, reliability, and safety:

  • Limited lifetime guarantee on new Swage Forward tooling, effective October 1, 2014
  • Lighter weight designs
  • Fewer and shorter nosepieces
  • Lower cost
  • Safer, quieter operation
  • Available from stock inventory

pdf More information on the new BobTail tooling

Secure Installation Diagram

Huck BobTail Secure Installation Diagram

  1. Pintail-less design means reduced noise, no waste, and improved corrosion resistance
  2. Visual evidence of successful installation provided by installation indicator
  3. Collar material swaged into the lockgrooves forms a permanent, vibration-resistant connection
  4. Low-swage technology allows for faster, lighter, ergonomic tooling with parts that last longer

Installation Sequence

Huck BobTail Installation Sequence

  1. The bolt is inserted into the prepared hole, and the collar is spun onto the bolt.
  2. The installation tool is applied to annular pull grooves. When the tool is activated, a puller in the nose assembly draws the bolt into the tool, causing the swaging anvil to press on the collar, drawing up any sheet gap.
  3. At a predetermined force, the anvil begins to swage the collar into the bolt’s lockgrooves. Continued swaging elongates the collar and bolt, developing precise clamp.
  4. When swaging of the collar into the bolt lockgrooves is complete, the tool ejects the fastener and releases the puller to complete the sequence.

Quick Visual Inspection

You know BobTail® is installed correctly with one quick glance at the installation indicator – a proprietary Huck design.  This shows that the BobTail collar has been fully swaged on, and a permanent, vibration-resistant connection has been achieved.

The installation indicator in the collar flange – a proprietary Huck design – indicates the BOBTAIL collar has been fully swaged on.

Lightweight Tooling/Safe Performance

BobTail® tooling makes the installation process quicker and easier by reducing the force required to install each fastener.  Compact, lightweight, and ergonomic, BobTail tooling offers superior operator flexibility and extended reach into difficult areas, especially tight, space-constrained applications. 

In addition, BobTail tooling offers safe and silent performance. The BobTail fastener is installed without a pin-break, dramatically reducing noise on the shop floor, and improving worker hearing safety.  Instances of foreign object damage (FOD) and loose pintail injuries are eliminated.  And because BobTail tooling features a smooth, shock-free installation sequence, repetitive stress injuries are eliminated, and overall safety is increased.


This BobTail installation tool was specifically designed to perform in tight spaces with less than 5-1/2" of clearance.