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How HuckBolts® Work

HuckBolt Properties

Clamp Force or Pre–Load: In the initial stages of the installation process, the tool engages and pulls on the pintail. The joint is pulled together before the conical shaped cavity of the nose assembly is forced down the collar. This progressively locks (swages) it into the grooves of the harder bolt. The bolt and swaged collar combine to form the installed fastener.

The squeezing action reduces the diameter of the collar, increasing its length. This in turn stretches the bolt, generating a clamp force over the joint.

Shear strength of LockBolts vary according to the material strength and minimal diameter of the fastener. By increasing the diameter or the grade of material, the shear strength of the fastener can be increased.

The tensile strength of LockBolts is dependent on the shear resistance of the collar material and the number of grooves it fills.

HuckBolt® Installation Sequence

HuckBolt installation sequence

  1. Bolt placed into prepared hole - Collar placed over bolt
  2. Tool is placed over the fastener pintail and activated
    • Bolt head pulled against material
    • Anvil pushes collar against joint
    • Initial clamp generated
  3. Tool swages collar, increasing clamp
  4. Pintail breaks, installation complete

HuckBolt® Product Guide


The most advanced fastening technology offering high performance and reliability in a unique, pintail-less design.



Stronger, easier-to-install, and more durable than welding, adhesives, or conventional threaded fastening systems.



Offering superior vibration resistance and overall durability for heavy-duty fastening jobs


Huck 360®

The most advanced nut and bolt fastening system available, it can be installed and removed using conventional tools, often in under 2 seconds.

Huck 360


Hucktainer is a 2-piece specialty fastener designed specifically for fiberglass reinforced plywood panel applications.



Ideal for applications where a wide grip range is required and a flush pin break to the collar is beneficial.


Huck HP8®

HUCK’s original Grade 8 fastening system, easy-to-use system with a permanent, vibration resistant clamp.