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Secure Installation Diagram

Huck Magna-Lok Secure Installation Cutaway

  1. Flush pin break eliminates grinding and filling, leaving an even surface
  2. Unique, solid-circle lock ensures maximum strength and vibration resistance. The potential for pin push-out is virtually eliminated
  3. Excellent gap pull-out and high retained clamp
  4. Sleeve expands during installation to fill the hole and create a moisture-resistant joint

Installation Sequence

Magna-Lok Installation Sequence

  1. Insert the fastener into the hole and slip the installation tool over the pintail.

  2. Press the trigger to initiate pulling action. As the tool pulls on the pintail, the pin (mandrel) expands the sleeve and begins drawing the work pieces together.

  3. Continued pulling on the pintail draws the hollow pin head inside sleeve.  The pin extrudes itself inside the sleeve and the work pieces completely expand the sleeve to match the hole of the work pieces.  

  4. A solid circle lock between the pin and sleeve is formed just prior to the pin breaking flush with the sleeve head, completing the installation.

Magna-Lok Installation Video

Watch the Magna-Lok installation sequence