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Secure Installation Diagram

  1. Shear ring design promotes bulb formation and grip adjustment for flush break throughout the grip range.

  2. The wide blind footprint (bulb) gives the fastener a broader bearing surface, spreading the load out for greater strength and high pull out resistance.

  3. Unique solid circle lock ensures maximum strength and resistance to vibration.

  4. Breaking flush throughout the entire grip range, the Magna-Bulb fastener eliminates costly cosmetic finish work and ensures “visually” that the fastener has been installed correctly.

Installation Sequence

Huck Magna-Bulb Installation Sequence

  1. Insert the fastener into the hole and slip the installation tool over the pintail.
  2. Press the trigger to initiate pulling action. As the tool pulls on the pintail, the shear ring feature on the bolt acts to initiate bulb formation and draws the work pieces together.  
  3. Continued pulling on the pintail expands the bulb to maximum allowable diameter. The shear ring then breaks and catches on the annular grooves as the pin continues to draw down inside the sleeve.
  4. A solid circle lock between the bolt and sleeve is formed just prior to the pin breaking flush with the sleeve head, completing the installation.