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Secure Installation Diagram


  1. Breaking flush throughout its grip range, HuckLok allows at-a-glance verification of installation accuracy
  2. Undercut fillet allows seating in burred holes
  3. Solid bolt provides exceptionally high strength in the shear plane
  4. Lock groove on bolt engages shoulder on rivet head, while the extruded support ring “double locks” the bolt within the bulb

Installation Sequence

Huck HuckLok Installation Sequence

  1. Insert the fastener into the hole and slip the installation tool over the pintail.
  2. Press the trigger to initiate pulling action. As the tool pulls on the pintail, the shear ring feature on the bolt pulls inside the sleeve fully expanding the diameter and drawing the work pieces together.
  3. Continued pulling on the pintail expands the sleeve to maximum allowable diameter. As the shear ring reaches the backside of the work piece it breaks and catches on the tapered annular grooves, keeping high pressure on the blind side of the work pieces as the bolt continues to draw down inside the sleeve.
  4. A solid circle lock between the bolt and sleeve is formed just prior to the bolt breaking flush with the sleeve head, completing the installation.