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Secure Installation Diagram

Huck FloorTight Secure Installation Cutaway

  1. Self-countersinking head eliminates the counterboring process in plywood, as well as dimpling in plymetal floors.
  2. A high-strength bolt locks in place within the shear plane for added holding power and durability.
  3. 360° internal locking feature creates a solid mechanical lock to prevent loosening.
  4. Expansion within the weather-side stringer, coupled with the 360° internal lock provides excellent moisture resistance on the weather side.

Installation Sequence

Huck FloorTight Installation Sequence

  1. Insert fastener in hole. Apply installation tool.
  2. The Huck installation tool is placed over the pintail. When the trigger is pressed, the nose assembly jaws pull on the pintail, drawing the bolt though the sleeve, causing the blind side sleeve to expand, partially setting the sleeve in the top sheet and pulling out all the sheet gap.
  3. Continued pulling on the pintail forms a mechanical lock between the bolt and sleeve end. The anvil on the installation tool then countersinks the fastener head into the top of the material to a preset depth set by the anvil. The anvil’s large bearing face then prevents further travel of the sleeve head into the top material.
  4. The bolt is then separated in tension at the break neck groove.

FloorTight Installation Sequence Video

Watch the Huck FloorTight installation sequence