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Secure Installation Diagram

Auto-Bulb Secure Install Cutaway

  1. Tapered Hole Seeking Tip for quick and easy installation
  2. Unique band annealed bulbing system for superior blind side strength
  3. Positive mechanical bolt retention ensures structural integrity

Installation Sequence

  1. Insert the fastener into the hole and slip the installation tool over the pintail.
  2. Press the trigger to initiate pulling action. As the tool pulls on the pintail, the solid bolt head captures the end of the sleeve and acts to initiate bulb formation and draws the work pieces together.  
  3. Continued pulling on the pintail expands the bulb to maximum allowable diameter.
  4. A spline feature on the bolt comes into contact with a step on the sleeve creating an interference lock between the bolt and sleeve and the bolt breaks.  The bolt will break close to flush in minimum grip and below flush as the grip increases. 

Huck AutoBulb Installation Sequence Video

Watch the Huck Auto-Bulb installation sequence