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U-Spin Performance

The Huck U-Spin provides the same level of clamp and tensile strength as a traditional HuckBolt, but in a “U-Bolt” design.  And unlike conventional U-Bolts, the U-Spin never needs re-tightening or re-torqueing.

High Productivity
U-Spin lockbolts install in 45-60 seconds – roughly half the time conventional U-bolts do. And since a quick visual inspection is all that’s required to confirm fully swaged collars, no time-consuming torque checks are needed.

High Accuracy
Because HUCK U-Spin lockbolts are swaged, and not torqued, during installation, they create an accurate, failure-proof clamp that won’t work loose under even the most severe vibration. Equalized clamping force is exerted on each bolt leg, for a level-loaded joint. Clamping force and joint integrity thus do not depend upon the skill, physical strength, or attention and diligence of the worker.

Eliminates Calibration
Nor does joint integrity depend upon a properly calibrated torque wrench. With U-Spin lockbolts, installations are the nearest thing to foolproof. Problems arising from over-torquing or under-torquing – either of which can happen with poorly calibrated wrenches – become things of the past.

Fasteners for Trucks and Trailers


The Huck BobTail® is continuing the HuckBolt tradition of high performance by delivering both high clamp and tensile strength, and never loosening even in the highest vibration environments.



The HuckLok™ structural rivet combines a wide grip range that accommodates large variations in joint thickness with the high shear and tensile strength of a structural fastener. This proprietary fastener also offers a large blind side footprint, which makes it ideal for use with lower strength materials or thin sheet joints.



A high-strength blind bolt, Huck BOM® offers an effective alternative to threaded fasteners or welding in demanding structural applications. The BOM also produces a significantly tighter joint than does conventional blind fasteners, and its large blind side footprint makes it ideal for lower strength or thin sheet joint materials.

Huck BOM image


The Hucktainer® specialty HuckBolt is uniquely engineered for use in structures fabricated from fiberglass reinforced plywood, metal-clad panels, and other composite materials. Hucktainer offers both high clamp force and tensile strength, so it performs in high-vibration conditions without loosening. Yet they are designed so that the force of the installation is distributed over a wide area, ensuring that they will not crush, craze, or bull-nose composite panels.



FloorTight® blind fasteners are significantly stronger than conventional flooring screws. This proven fastener is designed to eliminate the possibility of crushing or pulling through the board, and also features a recessed pinbreak that will not catch on anything that comes in contact with it.

Huck FloorTight image


Magna-Grip® small diameter, wide grip HuckBolts deliver an outstanding level of clamp strength and vibration resistance to a wide range of truck and trailer applications.


Huck Spin 2®

Huck-Spin 2 brings performance to every job with its unique engineering and design. It delivers high speed of installation for a number of truck and trailer applications. Huck-Spin 2 also means less tool maintenance – a lower hydraulic pressure leads to longer lasting seals and hoses. 


Maintain OEM Quality

Maintain OEM Quality with Huck Repair Kits

While Huck lockbolts, blind bolts, and structural rivets are designed not to fail, the assemblies they join sometimes do.  And when replacing or repairing a damaged component, you can maintain the quality of a truck or trailer by using genuine Huck repair kits.  Huck offers a variety of repair kits, each offering everything needed to create an OEM-quality joint.

940 Repair Kits

940 Repair Kits provides all installation equipment to install Huck-Spin, Huck-Spin 2, or Bobtail HuckBolts to OEM specs.  Each kit includes Huck’s standard Model 3585PT hydraulic installation tool, along with a 15 ft. hose.  The kit also includes a Model 940 PoweRig® 115 V, 25 amp hydraulic power source, installation nose assembly, and pressure gauge.  An easy-to-follow instruction manual and training video are also part of every 940 kit.  A wide range of optional nose assemblies, covering all HuckBolt sizes, and collar cutter noses are available as well.

2025 Truck Cab Repair Kit

The Huck 2025 Truck Cab Repair Kit provides everything required to install the Huck fasteners commonly used in heavy-duty truck cabs.  Included in the 2025 kit is the proven Huck 2025 air-driven tool, long an industry standard for installing fasteners up to 1/4” in diameter.  Also included are 3/16” and 1/4” Magna-Lok® nose assemblies, 3/16” and 1/4” Magna-Grip® nose assemblies, and 3/16” C6L nose assembly.