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Speed of Installation

Installation speed is one reason that high-performance Huck fasteners outperform conventional joining methods when used for solar applications. These fasteners are engineered to allow for exceptional speed of assembly – normally installed and secured in just 1 to 2 seconds. This speed compares favorably with the 30 to 40 seconds required to install a conventional fastener. In addition, very little training is required in order to be able accurately install Huck fasteners, and a quick visual inspection is all that is required to validate the accuracy of the installation.

Finally, breakthrough Arconic self-grounding fastener technology can now be employed in lieu of costly and time-consuming conventional multi-part, grounding assemblies, saving even more installation time and money.

Built for Strength

No conventional fasteners can compare with the permanent holding power of Huck fasteners. With up to a 30% greater cross-sectional area than conventional nuts and bolts, the BobTail delivers 5 - 10x the fatigue strength. This strength, in turn, ensures reliable, long-term joint integrity in even the most demanding, high-vibration conditions. 

When installed, a full metal-to-metal contact between the BobTail’s collar wall and the specialized lock grooves on bolt is created. This tight contact provides for consistent clamp and eliminates the potential for gaps that can lead to loosening. In addition to providing the industry’s strongest, most durable clamp, all Huck fasteners require only a visual inspection to confirm the accuracy of their installation.

Self-Grounding BobTail® HuckBolt®

The new self-grounding BobTail® is designed with specially designed barbs, located under the head of the fastener.  The connection afforded by these barbs provides for a reliable grounding system for system for PV panels that can be used in lieu of costly, conventional multi-piece grounding systems.

The self-grounding BobTail can be installed in less than two seconds, and requires only a visual inspection to confirm the accuracy of its installation. 


Arconic Solar Market Fasteners

Huck BobTail®

  • Unmatched installation speed –  less than 2 seconds per fastener
  • 5 times the fatigue strength of conventional nuts and bolts
  • No pin break required for installation, leaving no corrosion-prone area of bare metal
  • Unmatched level of vibration resistance


Self-Grounding BobTail®

  • Offers all of the features of the standard BobTail, plus self-grounding capabilities
  • Eliminates the need for complex grounding assemblies
  • Installs in less than 2 seconds
  • Simple visual inspection confirms proper installation

Magna-Lok® Hole Filling Rivet

  • Complete hole-filling rivet (CHFR) specifically designed for solar applications; moisture resistant
  • Wide grip range accommodates large variations in joint thickness
  • Unique mechanical lock ensures the integrity of the fastener in loaded conditions
  • Simple visual inspection confirms proper installation
Huck BOM image

Huck BOM®

  • Highest strength blind oversized mechanical fastener in the world
  • Often used as a replacement for welding
  • Effective for blind-side joining applications
  • Vibration resistant – will not loosen over time