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BobTail® - the latest in HuckBolt™ Technology

The Huck BobTail® Fastening System has been designed to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability in an advanced HuckBolt® design. Benefits include:

  • No pintail
  • Unmatched installation speed
  • Low overall installed cost
  • Superior strength (5 times the fatigue strength of conventional nuts and bolts)
  • Vibration resistance
  • Quick visual inspection is all that’s required
  • Ergonomically designed installation tooling

Find out more about BobTail here.

Huck® vs Welding

While welding has long been utilized in applications requiring a secure joint, today, there are several strong reasons to consider a proven alternative. That alternative is direct-tension, swaged on HuckBolts® from Arconic Fastening Systems.  

Fastening with vibration-resistant HuckBolts instead of welding offers five key benefits over welding:

  • Safety – welding can be dangerous due to the chance of fires from a random spark.  Spent rods and other remnants can cause safety hazards on the assembly floor, and interferes with worksite organization and cleanliness.
  • Simplicity – HuckBolts are easy to install.
  • Speed – HuckBolts offer lightning quick installation.
  • Cost-Savings – HuckBolts don’t require costly skilled specialists to install. All they need is a quick visual inspection to ensure a solid joint.
  • Structural Integrity – HuckBolts offer Huck’s famous high level of vibration-resistance, meaning a strong joint that will perform for years to come.

Huck® vs Torque

In the fastening world, clamp is the end game. And consistent clamp is the ultimate goal. 

Despite conventional wisdom, torquing on regular nuts and bolts does not deliver consistent clamp. And when you don’t have consistent clamp, you risk bolt failure. The tightest bolt can end up doing the work of 4 or 5 bolts, and as a result, finally fail.  Structural integrity is compromised.

HuckBolts, applied with direct tension, are the only way to guarantee you’ll get consistent clamp. Time after time. Huck performed a series of tests on a variety of conventional nuts and bolts and found that even when torque is consistent, clamp isn’t. Friction, in the form of dust, heat, and other elements you don’t see, get in the way, resulting in inconsistent clamp.

So, for consistent clamp, a more secure joint, and better peace-of-mind, HuckBolts with direct tension installation are the answer.  Watch the video to see for yourself. Find out why torque is cheap, and Huck is forever.

Fasteners for Oil and Gas

Fasteners include structural blind rivets, blind bolts, and 2-piece HuckBolts to 1-3/8” diameter. Huck also offers the patented Huck 360® nut and bolt fastening system, with diameters to 1-3/8”.


Features a convenient lead-in point ideal for high-speed assemblies. Auto-Bulb’s unique bulbing system creates superior blind side bearing strength. It is available in both steel and 400 stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Huck AutoBulb image


Huck's strength Blind Oversized Mechanical fastener, often used to replace welding. It is the highest strength blind oversize fastener in the world. So strong, one BOM® fastener can do the work of up to four conventional fasteners.

Huck BOM image


The Huck BobTail® is continuing the HuckBolt tradition of high performance by delivering both high clamp and tensile strength, and never loosening even in the highest vibration environments.


Huck 360®

The Huck 360® is the most advanced nut-and-bolt fastening system available today. A high-strength, vibration resistant, easy-to-install engineered fastener, Huck 360 can be installed and removed using conventional tools, often in under 2 seconds. 

Huck 360


A versatile, hole filling fastener that can be installed with conventional installation tools. Magna-Lok® is moisture-resistant and with a large grip range, the Magna-Lok is the best gap-pulling fastener available.

Magna-Lok image


High pull-up force for thin materials and oversized or misaligned holes. The Huck Magna-Bulb® is a unique, clamp-type fastener offering high shear strength in specific applications.