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Arconic RSR™ Performance Comparison

RSR exceeds strengths of competing technologies for current and future automotive materials

Howmet RSR™ Fastener Feed System

The Howmet RSR feed system is designed to be used in conjunction with existing RSW systems. This feed system will work with all grades of fasteners without requiring hardware to be changed.

Howmet RSR™ Tensile Shear Joint Strength

Howmet RSR fasteners provide a high level of tensile strength, ensuring a secure joint.

All TSS samples 25 x 25mm overlap;
Zinc electroplated RSR cup gen2 fastener,
No E-coat or post-weld treatment

Joint strength will depend on gauge and material combinations

  • TSS: 6 to 14kN (2mm sheet)
  • CTS: 4 to 6kN

Wide variety of aluminum and steel combinations

  • Al: 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx
  • St: 590.780.980.180.1500