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Advantage: Huck

Because Huck fasteners offer higher clamp and tensile strength than conventional fasteners, often fewer or smaller diameter Huck fasteners can be used. This helps to reduce equipment weight, without loss of strength or durability. Using Huck fasteners also allows for the use of lighter weight aluminum instead of steel. While welding aluminum-to-aluminum and aluminum-to-dissimilar materials has historically been problematic, the strong clamp performance of HuckBolt fasteners provides the joining power to attach aluminum elements without having to weld.

Huck fasteners are engineered for quick, easy installation. In fact, you can install most Huck fasteners in 2 seconds or less, saving valuable assembly time and optimizing productivity. Huck also helps you save time because checking your work is quick and easy, with a quick visual inspection usually all it takes to confirm installation.

Vibration Resistance
Regular nuts and bolts have gaps between the nut and bolt thread connections, which allow for loosening during transverse vibration. By contrast, the unique direct tension, swaging installation technique used with 2-piece HuckBolts® results in full metal-to-metal contact between the swaged collar and the lock grooves of the bolt. This installation process eliminates gaps between the collar and bolt, ensuring a vibration-resistant joint.

Superior Alternative to Welding
Fastening with vibration-resistant HuckBolts offers five key benefits over welding; safety, simplicity of installation, speed of installation, cost-savings, and higher long-term structural integrity.

Structural Blind Rivets for Automotive

Huck Magna-Lok® is a versatile, moisture- and vibration-resistant, wide-grip range, hole filling fastener that can be installed with conventional installation tools. It has a unique circle-lock feature, which means a simple visual inspection ensures proper installation.
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The Huck Magna-Bulb® provides the high shear strength and high pull-out strength needed for thin materials, and oversized or misaligned holes. Its superior blind-side strength and structural integrity is provided by its unique bulbing system and positive, mechanical pin retention.
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The HuckLok® structural blind rivet features a wide grip range and unique double-locking action. This action consistently secures the assembly from both sides, resulting in maximum hold and joint integrity. Its large, blind-side footprint prevents pull-through.
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For automated, high-speed assemblies, the Huck Auto-Bulb™ is the ideal solution. Fast, reliable installation is provided with its easy-to-use lead-in point. It works by clamping the joint with a broad, blind-side bulb, making it idea for use within thin materials, and oversized, misaligned, or slotted holes. 
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Blind Fastening Whitepaper

Enduralumâ„¢ for Automotive


Enduralum is an incredibly strong, yet remarkably lightweight, aluminum fastener designed for thermal and galvanic compatibility with next-generation aluminum and magnesium castings in automotive powertrains. The super lightweight, heat-treated AA 6056 Alloy of Enduralum helps to reduce overall weight while maintaining a reliable clamp load.
Manufactured in our vertically-integrated US plant with a Class I continuous aluminum heat-treating furnace, Enduralum fasteners are ready for just-in-time deliveries throughout North America.

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Lightweight Installation Tooling

Lightweight installation tooling adds to efficiency.

AFS offers a complete line of production volume-proven, reliable, high-performance pneudraulic and hydraulic installation tools, lightweight and ergonomically designed for productivity.


Huck Powerigs®
Designed to work with Huck hydraulic installation tools, Powerigs® operate as portablehydraulic power sources.  Available in a wide range of reservoir capacities and weights, Powerigs are ideal for use in high production assembly applications, such as automotive.

Huck Tru-Set® Assembly Control System
The Huck® Tru-Set® Assembly Control System is designed to check the integrity of every fastener installed. Tru-Set’s built-in data processing unit monitors and measures hydraulic pressure to determine accuracy of installation and provides easy onscreen visual confirmation.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

Manufacturing the way it should be: all under one roof.

Our 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Waco, Texas features the most advanced machining and header equipment in the industry. From design to finished product, AFS is fully vertically integrated. Because we control all aspects of the manufacturing process, you can count on consistent, quality workmanship, and timely deliveries.

We even heat treat in-house, employing 14 dedicated heat-treating furnaces, able to accommodate 170,000 lbs. of fasteners each day. And our advanced in-house coating processing system allows us to apply our proprietary HuckGuard® corrosion-resistant protective finish to our full line of fasteners.

At AFS, everything is in house. No secondary suppliers. No waiting for deliveries. No excuses.