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Advanced Technology
For more than 60 years, Huck has been bringing new and innovative joining solutions to the marketplace.

No matter what the challenge – assembly line productivity challenges, manufacturing floor safety issues,
weight-related equipment performance, tough, vibration intensive applications, or harsh environments
where corrosion can erode joint integrity – Huck has the solution. Read more about how Huck takes on
the tough stuff, right here.


Huck vs. Time
Increase productivity and efficiency. Beat the clock every time when you utilize Huck fasteners and installation tooling for assemblies. 
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Huck vs. Weight
Lightweighting of equipment can be critical to performance. Read how Huck helps you accomplish this, and have strong, vibration-resistant hold, too.
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Huck vs. Torque
Read about the difference between clamp and torque, and why the torqueing method of installation used in conventional fastening delivers sub-standard results.
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Huck vs. Vibration
There’s no fastener more vibration-resistant than a Huck fastener. Find out how precision engineering and a long-standing knowledge of advanced joining technology contribute to this strong advantage.
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Huck vs. Welding
Find out the five key advantages of using strong, vibration-resistant Huck fasteners instead of welding.
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Huck vs. Corrosion
HuckGuard™, applied in-house at Arconic, provides the best level of corrosion resistance available in engineered fasteners.
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