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Arconic Fastening Systems (AFS) has helped Italian refrigerated truck manufacturer Cold Car SPA  significantly reduce its costs  by improving the installation efficiency of its low temperature refrigerated truck bodies with the use of the Huck® BobTail® lockbolt fastener.

Based in Occimiano, Cold Car SPA was established in 1968 and now employs 180 people. Manufacturing and installing 2000 bodies per year, the company has a worldwide customer base, including transporters of ice cream, frozen food, dairy and dry products, which are loaded into low-temperature or refrigerated compartments, occasionally divided by fixed or movable bulkheads.

Launched in 2009, the
BobTail fastener has been successfully used on a variety of industrial applications to replace standard lockbolts, nuts and bolts, and even welding. Prior to using it, Cold Car welded the body to the truck’s sub frame. Bertone Davide, Cold Car’s research and development manager, explains: “Following a successful prototype test using BobTail supplied by AFS distributor Unifast, we realised that it would work well as a complementary option or completely viable alternative to welding. No pin break in the installation process reduces noise levels in the assembly line, as well as eliminating the potential for rust to compromise the long-term life of the installed fastener.”

In fact, the use of BobTail in the body-to-subframe assembly has resulted in a stronger joint and a reduction in welding time by 30 percent, enabling one welder to work on other special prototype projects. 30 minutes per trailer and approximately 500 hours per year has been saved in overall production time. In addition, the technical information and customer support for the product and tooling provided by AFS and Unifast has been outstanding”, he added.

Luca Bergadano, marketing manager at Unifast srl, said: “Since its launch in 2009 many European manufacturers have taken advantage of the benefits BobTail has to offer and Cold Car is no exception. Our aim, in partnership with AFS, is always to provide a viable, safe, forward thinking and cost effective fastening solution, which not only revolutionises manufacturing but also exceeds customer and end user expectations. Cold Car is a well-established and well respected Italian company which we will continue to support with innovative products and ideas.”

Piero Bruno sales manager of France and South Europe - Industrial Products, added: “The fastening solutions we offer cover a variety of applications and contribute to the efficiency of the installation process and to the quality of the final product. Combined with positive distributor and customer relationships AFS continuously sets high standards to which we always aim to exceed.”

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