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Whilst welding has long been utilised in applications requiring a secure joint, today there are several strong reasons to consider Huck® fasteners as a welding alternative.  

As opposed to welding, installation does not require costly skilled specialists. In additon, post-welding re-work, such as re-painting surfaces due to weld spatter or damage to parent materials, is eradicated.

Huck fasteners are extremely quick to install (watch BobTail installation video).

Huck fasteners eliminate vulnerability to harmful fumes, fires from sparks and safety hazards, such as spent rods, on the assembly floor.

In contrast to welding, Huck fasteners enable you to join dissimilar materials and variations in joint thickness, providing secure, vibration resistant joints.

Success Stories

“Following a successful prototype test using BobTail supplied by AFS distributor Unifast, we realised that it would work well as a complementary option or completely viable alternative to welding. No pin break in the installation process reduces noise levels in the assembly line, as well as eliminating the potential for rust to compromise the long-term life of the installed fastener. In fact, the use of BobTail in the body-to-subframe assembly has resulted in a stronger joint and a reduction in welding time by 30 percent, enabling one welder to work on other special prototype projects. 30 minutes per trailer and approximately 500 hours per year has been saved in overall production time. In addition, the technical information and customer support for the product and tooling provided by AFS and Unifast has been outstanding”

Bertone Davide, Research and Development Manager
Cold Car SPA

“We started using Huck fasteners because they seemed like a truly viable alternative to the problems that welding presented. In addition, Huck's technical information and customer support for the products and tooling has always been excellent. Their experience and advice regarding which fastener to use when assembling truck chassis influenced our decision to change. In fact, by using fasteners in the sub frame production the trailers are lighter, allowing for a heavier load overall - a benefit noted by our customers. Production time has also significantly reduced to 1.5 hours from 4 hours per trailer and the job is much cleaner and easier to carry out. We have, therefore, saved time and money in the operation and health and safety conditions have improved for our workers.”

Eric Trouillet, Managing Director
Carrosserie Trouillet

Find out more information on Huck fasteners from Arconic Fastening Systems.