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      The only battery tool on the market to be tested and approved by Arconic for installation of Huck LockBolts and Blind Fasteners Arconic has joined forces with Makita® to bring you industry-leading performance paired with superior reliability in our latest advancement in battery-powered installation tooling. The Huck® Range Force is the only battery tool on the market with electronically adjustable pull force for installation of pintail-less lockbolts. Benefits:Exceptional quality for superior reliability & durabilityWill

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      In the eighth in our series of ‘How Huck Works’ videos Jonathan Craven, Operations Director for Arconic Fastening Systems Telford, discusses our latest innovation for composite materials and the automotive

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         In the seventh in our series of 'How Huck Works' videos Andy Smith, Engineering Manager for Arconic Telford, discusses the characteristics of Huck's most recently developed range of

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      In the sixth in our series of ‘How Huck Works’ videos Toby Whittingham, Manufacturing Engineer for Arconic Telford, talks about Huck's manufacturing process for two-piece LockBolts and Structural Blind Fasteners.

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    • BOBTAIL®

        In the fifth in our series of ‘How Huck Works’ videos Andrew Smith, Engineering Manager for Arconic Telford, talks about one of Huck's most popular LockBolts, BobTail®. Designed to overcome inherent weaknesses with standard lockbolts, the BobTail has no pin-tail and as a result of this zero pin-break, no waste material to collect and dispose of or potential corrosion issues post

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    Huck LockBolt and structural blind fasteners

    Huck LockBolt and structural blind fasteners are designed to provide permanent, vibration-resistant, superior-quality joining solutions for use in industrial applications. Click here to find out how Huck products work.

    Because Huck fasteners offer relatively high tensile, shear and clamp properties they are suited to applications where the joints are integral to the structure. Offering a clean and safe alternative to welding and a more efficient fastening method than standard nuts and bolts, Huck fasteners offer benefits which other fastening methods cannot, including quick and easy installation, elimination of re-checking / replacement, and ultimately cost reductions. Key benefits of the Huck system.

    Each Huck fastener has its own unique characteristics ensuring that we have a product for every application. To choose the product that is right for you take a look at the product selector.

    Huck fasteners are used in many industrial markets including truck, trailer, automotive, HVAC, bus, coach, green energy and rail. Click here to find out where Huck fasteners can be used

    Arconic Fastening Systems are constantly trying to develop new Huck products to meet the diverse and changing customer requirements. The most recent addition to the Huck range is the Huck BobTail, which offers superior performance combined with reduced noise, increased speed and elimination of pintails as well as more efficient and lighter tooling. Click here to find out more.


    * Disclaimer The information contained in this publication is only for general guidance with regard to properties of the products shown and/or the means for selecting such products, and is not intended to create any warranty, express, implied, or statutory; all warranties are contained only in Arconic Fastening System written quotations, acknowledgments, and/or purchase orders. It is recommended that the user secure specific, up-to-date data and information regarding each application and/or use of such products. *Images are for Illustration Purposes Only

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